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Household Moving

At orandy we know that moving is stressful and sometimes expensive so we spend time to design packages to suit every need and pocket .

Office Relocation

If you are a business owner or manager you will appreciate the importance of using Orandy Moving And Storage Company Ltd to relocate your department or business, as although each corporate move has its own special requirements, one theme is common….. keeping downtime to a minimum..

International Shipping

Shipping to or from Jamaica? Orandy has become the most recommended international shipper and freight forwarder in Jamaica. We pride ourselves on getting things done right the first time.


From time to time you may need to store whether because your new home is not ready, you are refurbishing your present residence, whatever the reason we can provide all the space you will ever need..

Pre and Post Move Services

It is the norm for someone who is moving to have the need to disassemble items, disconnect electric or gas stoves dismount a wall mounted television etc. Essentially all the normal pre move tasks which are required to be done before the moving team comes in.

Moving Supplies

We stock various moving boxes and packing supplies which you will from time to time require to prepare in an effective way for your move. These can be delivered to your doorstep with just a phone call.

Who we are

We are TEAM ORANDY a group of trained moving and shipping professionals. Although each person’s role may be different, the common goal is the same…taking the hassle out of your move or shipment and by extension creating happy relaxed customers.

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What we do

We provide a an extensive range of moving and moving related services which include

A personal moving consultant to assist you with planning your move

Trained relocation technicians to properly handle your items


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Our Approach

Because we understand that moving and shipping can be onerous we place a lot of time and resources to ensure all of our customers are happy. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, we will make it right….. Gauranteed

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Moving and shipping can be stressful, so isn’t it great to have a team of experts at your service? . We are friendly and available to chat. Reach out to us and we will happily answer your questions

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We became the most recommended moving company in jamaica due in part to our commitment to our customers satisfaction . in fact we are not happy till you are.

in making sure that we are able to solve all of your moving and shipping issues we put together a list of services that are designed to eliminate the hassles associated with moving at reasonable costs.

since we know that planning and execution of your move is important to you so you can go back o normal life , we respond very quickly to any customer contact . Most times faster than many people would expect.

We hold your hand every step of the way .thats why each client is assigned their very own moving consultant whose job it is to ensure your satisfaction. and be there for you so you are never alone


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