Products and Services Bundles

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In our quest to take the hassle out of your move we provide an extensive range of services and gives you the ability you to create your own bundle of services to suit your needs and pocket . Or if you want you can create your own custom bundle of services , just speak to your move consultant who will be more than happy to help to create a package to suit you

Choose any 3 services and pay only $3000

* Dismount and remount ( any 10 )paintings and frames (patch holes) 

* Dismount any 5 curtain or drapes                    

* Disconnect electric stove 

* Dismount Tv    

* Hook up stereo   
* Hook up computer and peripherals

* DIsconnect Icemaker on refridgerator  

* Disassemble crib                       

* Reconnect icemaker (does not include running hose and fittings)

* Disconnect Gas stove                                                                                                                   

Bundle 2 (Select Any Three Items) $5000.00 **

* Reconnect electric stove (no rewiring)

* Remount TV

* Disassemble bunk bed

* Reassemble Bunk bed

* Reassemble crib

Bundle 3 (Select Any Three Items) $10,000.00 **

 * Move in move-out clean-up

 * Set up Home Theatre system. 

 * Install ceiling fan (up to 10 ft high)

 * Reconnect Icemaker (with hose installation)

 * Reconnect electric stove (with rewiring)

 * Reassemble bunk bed

 * Dismount, remount/installation of shelves, cupboards etc

Services That Require An Inspection

• Installation of blinds
• Pre/post move clean up
• Interior/exterior painting
• Furniture restoration
• Water tank installation (individual residence)
• Drapery/Carpet Cleaning

Kitchen cupboard construction and installation

Choose The Bins Package That Suits Your Needs

PACKAGE     # OF BINS        # OF DAYS              COST            SAVINGS

1 BEDROOM                                   10                                             5                                      2000                          1000

2 BEDROOM                                  20                                             5                                      2700                           3300

3 BEDROOM                                  30                                             5                                      4000                            5000

4 BEDROOM                                  40                                             5                                     5400                             6600

** Conditions apply. Please note that services do not include parts and/or supplies. With the exception of water tank installation and pre and post move clean-up, no item that requires inspection is included in any bundle. Any item that requires installation or additional work above a height of 10 feet, will require inspection, and can be excluded from a bundle based on the result of the inspection. The company reserves the right to alter bundles at its discretion with or without prior notice. These bundles are intended for residential clients, however considerations can be made for commercial clients after inspection. Please ask your service consultant for additional information.

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