Canadian Bacon Meets Jamaican Jerk Chicken

What happens when Canadian bacon meets Jamaican Jerk chicken? Read on and you will find out.
Well, it all started when OMSC applied for a CESO VA through JAMPRO, and Bamm!….here came Lorne Duquette. Confused yet? Just read on and you will get it.
You see, JAMPRO has a partnership with the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO), wherein a Volunteer Assistant (VA) visits companies in small countries and developing areas of the world to provide expertise and aid in their advancement in various ways. Yes, I know…..that was a mouthful but read on.
Orandy Moving & Storage Co. Ltd. (OMSC), that’s us, were beneficiaries of that programme and our VA, the one and only Lorne, arrived in the island on August 22nd for a three week stay.

Lorne Duquette
Lorne Duquette

So, who is Lorne Duquette? He is a well-traveled young man in his seventies, who has extensive business experience. He travels around the world using his super business powers to help strengthen companies. His favorite hobby is speed walking and he is a Usain Bolt fan.

While in Jamaica, Lorne enjoyed the hospitality of Orandy’s M.D., Oral Williams, and his family. During the week, he spent his days at the office poring over forms, procedures, charts, etc., as he observed and made reports and presentations in keeping with the main purpose of his visit.

In the evenings and on weekends, it’s time to let the hair down and let loose on jerk chicken, patties, ackee and saltfish, Fry fish and festival and stew peas and rice. He also sampled local beverages and fell in love with Red Stripe beer. He tried some rum and cola who promptly sent him to bed. There were visits to historic Port Royal, Fort Clarence Beach, Dunns River Falls and even an adventurous ride on one of the local JUTC transit buses.
Yes, Lorne Duquette, the Ceso VA from Canada, spent three weeks with Orandy Moving & Storage Co. in Jamaica, and it was good. Thank you JAMPRO and CESO. Lorne, we hope to see you again.
Please see additional photos below.

at dunns river falls

Lorne Duquette

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