Office Relocations

Moving Your Office And Getting Set Back Up is Critical

We are The Professionals
We will Get You Moved.
Set Up, and Back To Business In No Time Flat.
While Saving You Some Money.

If you are a business owner or manager you will appreciate the importance of using Orandy Moving And Storage Company Ltd to relocate your office or business, as although each office move has its own special requirements, one theme is common..... keeping downtime to a minimum.

With over 25 years experience in office relocations, we pride ourselves on being indeed, the best option available. A testimony to our superior services and cost effectiveness can be found in the fact that we have executed approximately 80% of office moves in




Big office or small office

Whether a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop we will handle your move with equal efficiency and attention to details.

Plenty free services so you can save money.

Get immediate access to a variety of complimentary services all designed to minimise your down-time and also save you some money.

We are with you from start to completion.

We will provide all the premove and post move services to get you back to business in the shortest time possible.

Free Bins For Your Move

No need to buy boxes. We provide you with the bins you need to pack and prepare your  items. You simply use that and return them to us thereby eliminating a significant cost associated with moving.

moving bins

Supervision is a must.

Keeping your move organized and executed efficiently is dependent on the premove preparation but also critical is the on the ground supervision is critically important

We will provide you with the Labels you need to keep you organised.

Preparation is the most important aspect of any move , therefore it is essential the the pre-move preparations are done effectively /. It is with this in mind that we provide all your moving labels so you will be organised and ready when the team arrives.

Moving Your Office Is Easy as 123

1. Site Inspection.

We will come to your location and inventorise everything determine your needs and requirements and prepare a detailed estimate.

2. Execution

Our expert movers will come in dissasemble where necessary and move your items to the next location.



3. Organise

We will organise your offices and work areas so you can get back to work quickly. We alos provide post move alteration free of cost for times when you need it.

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