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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here are some of the more common and Frequently Asked Questionss that we get. If you can’t find an answer to a question, feel free to email them to us using our easy contact form.

Our standard package includes the foll: a supervised moving team (2) padding to prevent scratches and damage (3) proper placement of items at destination (4) intransit insurance and full value replacement (5) moving tips/guidelines to assist in premove preparations (6) bins for your packing

Normally up to a standard 3 bedroom house fits into one trip We cannot, however, definitively say that all items in a 3-bedroom house will fit as each household differs in terms of its contents our customer service rep should be able to assist or you may request an assessment.

In that unlikely event you first need to fill out a claim form and we will process your claim expediously our Conditions Of Service contains all you need to know in that regard.

All items moved are wrapped with furniture padding and each employee undergoes rigorous training in furniture handling.

Yes. Our standard moving team includes a driver and at least 3 trained Removal Assistants who packs and unpacks moving vehicle.

We have wardrobes that you rent for a minimal fee) which are especially suited to carry clothes with minimal chances of them becoming wrinkled.

Most times we are able to offer service at short notice however a day or two in advance is preferredbut it is advisable to book as soon as possible especially if you want to move at the end of the month.

We accept cheques, debit/credit card (which will soon be used online on our payment page) cash or you have the option of making direct deposits to our RBC Bank account.

Items stored at Orandy are very safe: we have 24hr security in the form of static guards on location in addition to electronic surveillance,additionally your items are insured against fire and burglary.

We have Storage Consultants who will be willing to help you determine what storage space you will need. However, a rule of thumb is: our standard 25sq. ft. unit is ideal for storing small items such as boxes and a few pieces of furniture. A standard 2-bedroom fits into 100 sq. ft and a 3-bedroom fits into a 125sq. ft. room. However, these are approximations.

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