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Household Moves

We have been the premier household mover in jamaica for 20 years and pride ourselves in being the only mover that offers so much for the money spent.

At orandy we know that moving is stressful and sometimes expensive so we spend time to design packages to suit every need and pocket .

Take the hassle out of your move

With one of our convenient service bundles

Designed to fit your budget

On A Tight Budget? Check Out Our Service Bundles

Our Basic Removal Service (BRS)

This represents our basic removal service .we provide a truck (designed for moving) driver and any amount of accessories you can afford (pads, hand trucks,4 wheel dollies). This service is particularly suitable for the DIY or those who have a limited budget but lots of hands to help out

Our Standard Package

Our standard moving service  is where we send a fully equipped truck , team and equipment to do your move . Just make sure you pack all your loose or unconsolidated items (we normally strongly recommend you use our BPP and our PMT services so as to minimize the likelihood of exceeding the allotted time and by extension overtime charges).

Once you book with us you are immediately assigned a personnal moving consultant whose job it is to to guide you through the pre move preparations and ensure your satisfaction.

our standard residential moving package provide the following benefits :

  • truck specifically designed for moving (with a lift gate to handle your heavy pieces)
  • supervised uniformed moving team
  • your items are padded to minimize scratches and damages
  • items are placed in the respective areas and organized
  • intransit insurance and full value replacement

So you will agree we are the best value for your money.

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