Residential Moving Tips

Residential Moving Tips

Although we try to secure and protect your possessions, you have a responsibility to ensure that your fragile pieces are packed, padded and labeled properly.
With this in mind, we strongly recommend that you use our Basic Packing Plan (BPP) and/or Pre/Post-move Team (PMT), which for a minimal cost can avoid overtime fees, potential damages and also optimize your in-transit insurance coverage.

The following are suggestions/hints we hope will assist in the pre-move and moving process.

1. We require all small items to be consolidated in sturdy boxes or bins before moving. Garbage/scandal bags and any items therein are not acceptable as they are not covered under our warranty.

2. Do not save all your packing for the last day. Begin packing unneeded items well in advance.

3. Pack one room at a time, labeling each box with a description of contents and destination, be as specific as you can, it will make unpacking easier.

4. Fragile pieces should be wrapped and padded prior to being packed in boxes. Best media are bubble wrap, foam wrap or wrapping paper. However, if this is not available then newspaper (double layered) though less efficient can be used to wrap pieces. Cushions and pillow can be utilize at top or bottom of boxes containing fragile items.

5. Use clean cartons designed for moving. Boxes obtained from grocery or liquor stores are not always clean and may not withstand the weight of the items placed in them. Also their odd sizes tend to make loading more difficult.

6. Do not load the box with many pieces of fragile items as the weight of the piece on top can exert enough pressure to cause weak pieces at bottom to break, and the bottom and top of box therefore needs to be padded.

7. Boxes with fragile pieces must be labeled as such and taped shut, with an arrow to indicate top.

8. Padding should constitute a significant portion of the contents of the boxes.

(Please keep in mind that we do offer a packing service. Unpacking is also available)

9. Unpack breakables over the box you are unpacking, that way if you happen to drop them they will land on some packing material.

10. Plates and records should be packed on end vertically, rather than place flat and stacked.

11. Whenever packing books into boxes bear in mind that books are heavy therefore boxes packed to capacity with books may break.

12. Boxes or other containers cannot be packed with a cone at the top as this can cause top pieces to fall out.

13. Be sure that items you pack won”t be needed before you move. By pacing yourself you will be more organized and the job won”t be so overwhelming.

14. Furniture made of compressed wood or particle board do not travel in assembled state as the possibility exist that even with careful handling they will fall apart due to the inherently weak material used to manufacture these pieces. If our PMT disassembly services are not required, please disassemble these pieces, as they are not covered in our warranty.

13. Don’t apply tape directly to polished or painted surfaces –removing tape could ruin the finish.

14. Prior to moving crew coming, clear items from entertainment stand, dressers, chest of drawers and empty their contents and secure all valuables. Refrigerators may be emptied and dried one-hour prior to move.

15. If our PMT disconnection services are not required, then stoves, ceiling fans, etc., are best disconnected before the moving crew comes in so as to reduce turnaround time.

16. If there are circumstances, which you anticipate will increase turnaround time, for instance access for furniture movement is difficult or impossible e.g. some townhouses may require stairway banisters to be removed, refrigerator doors removed, etc. and there is action on your part that could alleviate this situation, then by all means request our PMT services or do them prior to our relocation team coming. There is a time limit assigned for each move and surpassing this time not only results in inconvenience to the successive customers but also increased expense to you as overtime charges.

17. If you are moving into a townhouse or a house with stairs, you may need to measure to ensure that there is enough vertical and horizontal clearance for items to pass (for e.g. some queen size beds or large dressers will not be able to clear the vertical overhang of the stairway in some townhouses or make the turn on the landing of the stairs). Also some large settees may not be able to enter through the front door.

18. Have a basic idea where each item will be placed.

19. For long journeys – after you have cleared and dried the inside of your refrigerator, put a handful of coffee, baking soda or charcoal in a sock or nylon stocking and place it inside to keep the interior smelling fresh.

20. Unscrew light bulbs before packing your lamps.

If the above hints are followed then your move will be easier, hassle free and cost effective.

Be sure to read our conditions of service and sign and return the contract so that your relocation booking can be completed. If you find you are too busy, too tired, unable or just don’t feel like doing all of the work involved in relocating, please remember that we can do the work for you.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.


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