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Office Move Contract

Office Moving Contract
The following are the terms and conditions that will govern the agreement between Orandy Moving & Storage Co LTD hereinafter called “the company” and “ ” hereinafter called the client.
For a cost of $ + Gct per Estimate
Removal services from
Incidental charges: (to be added to your relocation cost if not highlighted during inspection)
Stairs $800.00 per flight
Fireproof cabinets $9,000.00 EA
Bins $60.00 per day
Loaded cabinets: 4 Draw Vertical $1,500.00 4 Draw Lateral $2,500.00
This contract is valid for all future moves therefore a contract will not be provided unless requested by the customer or if changes are made to the contract by the Company
Although the company endeavors to reasonably protect and secure all items fragile or otherwise, the onus lies with the client to ensure that, loose and/or fragile pieces for example china, sensitive electronics , etc. are properly packed, padded and labeled accordingly prior to our handling. (use can be made of our wrapping and packing services to ensure optimum protection of items).
Client is expected:
. To follow recommended moving guidelines to reduce turnaround time.
· To properly prepare for pending relocation i.e. all small pieces etc. should be properly packed in boxes or bins, cleared from surfaces, fragile pieces properly padded labeled and secured.
· To pay all fees and charges when requested.
· To properly protect and secure valuables and important documents and carry these items if possible (The company is not responsible for valuables not properly secured by client).
· To reasonably protect items that can be easily soiled (if our services are not required to do so) as the company is not responsible for soiled items reasonably handled by movers.
· Request to inspect back of truck upon completion of job.
· Inform office of the presence of special items (loaded cabinets, safes etc) or any special requirements that may have an impact on the handling, carrying of any item.
The company undertakes to repair or reimburse clients in the event of any damage/s to his/her property due to negligence (i.e. reasonable care and skill was not exercised in the handling of customer’s possessions) on the part of the company’s representatives as follows:-
· The value of reimbursement is based on resale value of the item as at the time of damage (age, condition and type of item being taken into account). Value of the item will be depreciated as per relevant depreciation principles or by mutual agreement.
· Item may be taken off site and repaired: company reserves the right however to choose repairer.
· A mutually agreed discount on invoice. Furthermore any discount previously negotiated will be taken into account when determining compensation (if any).
· Company may replace item. Compensation however, will be commensurate with damage and cost of restitution.
· Customer is required to pay all fees where applicable should a false claim be made and the company incurs costs pursuant to investigation of such claim. This includes service personnel visits, polygraph testing of employees etc
· Any claims must be reported to the company within 48 hours
In particular the company accepts no liability in the following circumstances: –
· Where an item being transported exhibits what can be reasonably deemed as a pre-existing fault and/or defect.
· Free and easy passage is not available for furniture items, i.e. items have to be forced or undergo excessive maneuvering to pass.
· Item is such that normal routes to enter/leave building cannot be used but alternate abnormal routes have to be used, e.g. balcony, window, etc.
– Terrain is such a nature that free and unhindered passage is not possible (slippery, rocky, etc.)
· Item is such a shape or size that it cannot pass entrance/exit but have to be disassembled or have parts removed to enable it to pass.
· Items inefficiently packed or prepared by customers eg. boxes containing fragile pieces not properly padded, cushioned and labeled.
· Items not packed by us.
· Stacking of furniture as requested by customer.
· Sony Trinitron televisions over 2yrs old are not covered under this warranty (experience has shown that without any form of negligent handling the back of these units will crack, due to brittle material (usually after 2 – 3yrs of use).
· Furniture made of compressed wood, particle- board or “baggasse board”, Halogen lamps and any other items which by their nature are required to travel disassembled.
· Items such as filing cabinets, refrigerator, desks, etc. that are required to travel with its contents intact as requested by customers are not covered for damages to items or contents.
· If we are required to carry items which in and of themselves pose a threat to other items such as, refrigerator, etc. (due to leakage of water and other substances).
· If client insists on us packing furniture or items in a way which we consider to be inimical to the safety of that item and others and this fact is relayed to he/she.
· Aquaria and other similarly constructed items, and potted plants are not covered under this warranty.
· It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that complex electrical equipment is properly prepared prior the move by an authorized service personnel this includes disassembly, reassembly and protection or as circumstances may dictate detailed briefing of our staff so necessary precautions can be observed.
· Items under warranty by a third party.
Insurance Coverage
OMSC offers all our moving customers In-transit Insurance however it is the client’s obligation to ensure that coverage is sufficient to cover the full value of the item(s) to mitigate any loss. Furthermore if coverage is deemed insufficient then the onus lies with the client to seek additional insurance or by their act of omission automatically indemnifies OMSC for any loss suffered over and above insurance coverage (and excess) howsoever caused.
Additionally it is the client’s duty to provide to OMSC any pertinent information that will have an impact on the handling or carriage of the item(s) failing which indemnifies the company for any loss suffered as a result.
Insurance Exclusion Clause
The company reserves the right to refuse to move any sensitive electronic equipment new or used under warranty; if the client insists, then the company is automatically indemnified of all liabilities and is not required to entertain such claim from the client.
· Payment must be in Jamaican currency, cash or cheque or Managers cheque (Debit Card facilities are now available). If another currency is to be used, then prior authorization must be obtained from our office. Exchange rate to be used will be determined by us.
· The company reserves the right to request payment in advance of job completion.
· Estimates are not absolutely binding but may move upwards or downwards as circumstances dictate, additionally costs given over the phone are approximate and may change when moving team arrives or upon completion.
· The company reserves the right to request a deposit for moves with the expectation that balance will be paid upon completion of job. For customers who are in the rural areas, or are moving from Kingston to a rural area, deposit is mandatory and full payment is due upon completion of job. In instances where payment is made by cheque, there is a 5 day waiting period until cheque is cleared before the move is done.
· There is a 10% administrative fee applicable for late cancellation on removal ie cancellation must be communicated to our offices within 36 hrs prior to move to a named member of staff.
· All returned cheques attract a charge of $2,500, which includes admin charge, and bank charges.
· All outstanding amounts must be paid by due date. Failure to do so will result in interest charges being applied and the rate applicable is dependent on overdraft interest charges prevailing at the time of default.
· In event of a claim, all payments must be settled before claim can be dealt with.
· Deviation from any of the foregoing requires expressed permission from a named member of management.
Overtime and Miscellaneous Charges
Unless otherwise stated cost given for move is on a per trip basis
Commercial moves are assigned 4hrs per trip for 24ft truck, 28ft trailers are assigned 5hrs, however out of town moves are assigned 4hrs for the 24ft Truck and 5hrs for the 28ft Trailer for loading and off loading. Transportation time is not included.
Exceeding the assigned time due to the customer’s action or inaction will result in overtime charges being applied which presently stand at $5,000/hr for commercial moves.
Disassembly, disconnection or reconnection of any item unless otherwise specified is not covered in the cost to move but will be charged for at the rates applicable.
Bins Policy
Unless otherwise specified bins are rented at $60 daily
In instances where bins are loaned for free for determined days (which is totally discretionary by Orandy’s Management) the onus is on the client to communicate to the company within the agreed time in writing such as email or fax to make arrangement for their return.
For customers who are recipients of complimentary bins, they are to make every effort to return them to the company or make arrangements with the company to collect them at an agreed cost.
In instances where bins are rented or provided rental free the onus lies with the customer to pickup and/or drop off bins however the company may in its discretion provide transportation at or without a fee.
It is also the client’s responsibility to return the bins in the same condition which they were received; failing which a levy will be imposed to clean and/or make bin available for reuse
The client is to inspect all bins whether rented or complimentary to ensure the soundness and cleanliness of bins entrusted in their care before acceptance for use.
Bins are deemed to be in the possession until their receipt and acceptance at our office or by a duly authorized representative of the company.
If bins and or its pins are damaged, lost or unaccounted for, the client is duty bound to pay for their replacement(s) at market value because while they are rented or complimentary, the bins are their responsibility until such bins are returned.
Extraordinary Circumstances
In the event of rain, acts of God or any other similar circumstances outside of the control of the company, then the customer and client agree to share in equal proportion any overtime charges.
In the case of riots, public disturbance or any other circumstances what so ever outside of the control of the company then the company is not responsible for any liability or any loss suffered by the customer
I have read, understand and agree with the above.

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Signature: ________________________
Company ________________________
Date: ________________________


Disconnection the act of separation of wires connected in a appliance etc from power supply (hard wired)
Fragile items of such a nature that they can be easily damaged
Negligence due and reasonable care is not exercised
Overtime time exceeding allotted time given to complete move
Pre-existing fault a defect which was in existence prior to our handling and which particle board/baggasse board may or may not be evident at a cursory glance but may become evident after being handled.
Reconnection the opposite of Disconnection
Stairs a flight of stairs is a set of 5-8 steps and a landing. If there is a turn in the stairs between both floors this is considered to be 2 flights

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