Pre And Post-Move Services

Moving is perhaps one of the most onerous tasks  that you may ever have to contend with. So isn't it great to know that there is a company that recognizes this and strives to reduce (and most times eliminate) that stress and hassle?

Well, it was with that in mind that we created and offer this expansive line-up of services. But we didn't stop there. We also give you the option to choose the bundle of services that best suits your particular situation and budget. Be sure to view them here or speak to your move consultant who will be more than willing to create a custom package for you.

Our concierge Service

Our Concierge Service is designed for the person who has a great demand on their time. “So much to do, so little time”. We essentially do everything for you except cook your dinner. We will pick up your keys, wrap and pack your items, relocate them and set them up at your new location. We can then cart away any debris, and return your keys so that all you have to do when you get to your new home is relax.

Basic Packaging Package BPP

This package was created for those clients who; 1.Don’t require the full packing service (premium Package) 2.Has a limited budget but require assistance with packing their items Essentially we send a packing team comprising of 3 packers for 3 hours. We also provide 20 packing bins rental free for 5 days. Because this is our dirt cheap package ,newsprint is used to wrap the items if however there is a need or desire for other media such as wrapping paper or bubble wrap etc these can be bought as an upsell similarly the allotted time is 3 hours however but if the client feels they require more time this the additional time can also be bought as up-sells.

Premium Packing Services

THE PREMIUM packing service represents our full packing service for select clients who have a larger budget Our team would come in and prepare everything which is to be moved by wrapping and padding them, consolidating all small pieces in bins/boxes, properly prepare fine china and other breakables for impending transportation.(if you feel you need this full service but your budget is small call our customer service dept and we will work something out for you.

Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning Service

Need a hand getting your new home spic and span, or cleaning out your old home? No need for you to be lugging brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, buckets, etc., our Clean Up Crew is here for you. All personnel are thoroughly vetted for your peace of mind. We can take care of everything so that you can concentrate on other things. **

Debris Removal

Once you are unpacked, we can pick up the empty boxes and other unwanted material, and dispose of them for you. That way, you won’t have to make a special trip to the dump, or keep the unsightly debris on your property. **

Home/Office Painting

Let us help you add beauty and class to your space. We can paint your home and/or office with your choice of colours. Would you like an accent wall? We can do that too. **

Curtains, Blinds and Carpets

Take down and put up blinds, curtains and drapery, etc. If your window dressings and carpet need a little TLC, we can clean them for you.

Dismount and remount TV, Artwork and other wall hangings

Not too high, not too low, neither crooked nor leaning. With your keen eye and our expertise, everything will be set just right.

Water Tank Installation

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of installing your water tank. We can do it for you. Whether big or small, we can intall!

Clothes line Fabrication and Installation

Getting you settled quickly in your new house is our cheif concern and one of your tasks is usually either making or installing your clothes line .Well we also provide that service .Just speak to your move consultant for details .

For your convenience  and to save you some money we have created some low cost convenient bundle of services .


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