Shipping barrels to jamaica

If you are shipping barrels to Jamaica, you should keep in mind that there are more than just barrels and freight costs to consider. The type of cargo that you are shipping will determine the size, type and quantity of barrels that you will need.shipping to jamaica from the US Before sending off your barrel be sure that the items that you are shipping to Jamaica are permissible.

Other things to consider before shipping that barrel to jamaica

Other considerations are the size and weight of the items that you are packing, packing material and insurance (if desired), transit time- especially where perishables are involved,(if you happen to be shipping to Jamaica from the US then the transit time may be much shorter than from the UK).  Appropriate labeling is also critically important.
Although some people choose to go it alone when shipping and clearing their barrels, (if so please read our article on all you need to know when shipping a barrel to Jamaica) it is advisable to use a professional service that will be responsible for the timely clearance and delivery of your items. This will help to avoid delays due to improper or incomplete documentation, time lost/wasted in multiple returns to the ports or agencies and, additional storage costs and spoilage as a result of the delays.This is where we come in we provide full custom clearance service, warehousing and door to door delivery.

Below are some basic guidelines for shipping to Jamaica from the US and other countries:

• Use the appropriate barrel for the type cargo that you are shipping. Dry goods can usually be shipped in fiber board or plastic barrels, while bulk liquids should be shipped in plastic or metal barrels/drums.
• Ensure that items are wrapped and packed properly. For example, if shipping personal effects, ensure that liquids such as lotions, are tightly closed and bottle necks secured with tape. It is also advisable to place such items in Ziploc bags or something similar. You should also ensure that clothing and foodstuff are also placed in plastic bags to protect them from spill or leaking items.
• It is always best to separate edibles from items such as cleansers, perfumes, hair sprays, etc. If these items are being shipped in the same barrel, separate them from the edibles by using at least four (4) inches of old towels or blankets. You can fold the towels and blankets to create this space.
• Never ship items that would normally require refrigeration. Shipping refrigerated items require special preparation and shipping. You may contact us or your agent for more information.
• Label each barrel properly according to its contents. If there are fragile items, bulk liquids, items that are sensitive to tipping, etc., ensure that the label adequately identifies the contents. Other markings should include barrel count, restrictions (e.g. “DO NOT ROLL” or “THIS END UP”) and shipper and receiver information. All labels and markings should be easily seen and read why dont you take a look at our article then which give you great details on shipping a barrel to jamaica.

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