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We are the most recommended shipping company in Jamaica

Shipping to or from Jamaica? You need not only your things to be looked after and cared for but also you. So, it makes sense to find out which shipping company in Jamaica others recommend. Orandy is now the most recommended shipping company in Jamaica.

Why is Orandy best for shipping to, or from, Jamaica?

First and foremost: our attention to detail when we pack and prepare your items for shipping to Jamaica is meticulous. Equally, we are very careful when shipping from Jamaica! The level of attention we give to each one of our clients is just not duplicated anywhere else.   We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time. And it’s a proven fact that help and keep you informed every step of the way both during the planning of your shipment, or when your shipment is actually on the way, It is said our customer service is second to none…

We understand that moving to Jamaica, or even just shipping a few items, requires much planning and preparation. When you choose Orandy Moving & Storage Co. Ltd you can focus on your new adventure and leave all of the stress of the pre-move and shipping preparations to us.

Generally, our shipping service begins the moment you make contact, by phone or online, with one of our International Move Coordinators. Our Coordinators are trained to plan every single detail of the move for you and to keep you abreast of your move every step of the way.

Find out how we look after our clients and Contact us by phone or email. We will talk through your proposed shipment with you, address any issues you may have, and at the end give you a no obligation quote flexible enough to fit your budget.

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Our International  Shipping Service

The service begins with a detailed pre-move assessment

Whether shipping one item or a full-blown relocation to, or from, Jamaica choosing the right shipping company in Jamaica is obviously vital! At Orandy we know careful and exhaustive planning is critical to a successful and stress-free move. It is of utmost importance that you know what to expect in advance and plan accordingly (check our article ‘things to consider when moving abroad“). Our International Move Coordinators are knowledgeable and professional and they can offer assistance with:

  • Departure date planning,
  • Jamaican customs documentation requirements, or those of another destination country,
  • Explaining any unusual moving acronyms!
  • Packing and preparing your items or explaining packing requirements, and much more

And of course, they provide you with a reliable shipping estimate that fits your pocket.

But we don’t stop there we also provide a handy moving guide that helps you organize yourself ahead of your move. And should you need temporary storage facilities, we can assist with that too.

Shipping Your Cargo By Air

This mode of travel is particularly suited for:

  • small quantities/packages
  • Limited turnaround time
  • Flexible cost

Air freight is considerably more costly than ocean freight, so our partnership with various carriers ensures we get you the best rate.

Shipping Your Cargo By Ocean Freight

This represents the most common means of international relocation and when shipping barrels. This option is usually less expensive than air freight and offers the capacity to carry a lot more items. Options include:

  • Less than container load/break bulk (LCL )
  • Full container loads 20/40 ft. (FCL)

The ocean freight option is also better suited for bulky, irregular-shaped and/or very heavy items. The turnaround time depends on the destination and the services requested. Not to worry, because of our international partnerships, we can ease the burdens involved in such undertakings.

International Shipping Documentation

As you might expect, any item that is leaving one port to another will require extensive documentation. This is so regardless of the port or service (airport or seaport, domestic or international). We realize that the task of preparing the paperwork can be tedious, confusing and even frustrating. But, this is why we are here. We can provide Jamaican customs brokerage services as well as the preparation and processing of all relevant documentation such as:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Entry Forms
  • Authorization letters, etc.

Remember that timing is everything if you don’t want to miss the boat.

Packing, crating, loading and offloading

Our expert team will pack and wrap all your items using only the best packaging materials which meet international standards. Additionally, we ensure that every item piece is inventoried.**

Regardless of what you are shipping: antiques, family heirlooms, glassware, framed art, furniture, linen and clothing, personal or commercial items; choose the one and only shipping company in Jamaica that can handle that for you and leave you with a smile on your face……guaranteed!

Only individually packaged items will be inventoried. Items that are parts of a kit (e.g. screwdriver sets, flatware sets etc.) will not be individually inventoried and only the kit, package or set will be listed. We are unable to store unacceptable items such as explosives, corrosives, combustibles, contraband or other unacceptable items. Please speak with our representatives for details. Just in case you feel adventurous and would like to pack your own stuff, take a look at our article How to save money by packing yourself Please keep in mind that there are limitations on the kind of items that may be shipped.

And we’re not just a shipping company in Jamaica! If you ask us we can also attempt to find suitable housing for you locally. Provided you let us know your requirements – Click here for our house hunting questionnaire