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The Shipping Company In Jamaica That Cares For You.

Choosing the right shipping company in Jamaica that offers the optimal service/price combination you are seeking can be a daunting process if you are not aware of the right criteria to look for.. A lot depends on the item you happen to be shipping either to Jamaica or from Jamaica your priorities but most importantly, your budget. You will find that different shipping companies in Jamaica offer varying degrees of services and prices.

Complete Shipping Service

We offer the full range of shipping services in Jamaica no need to engage different entities for different services.From customs clearance to furniture set up to post shipment debris disposal..we do it all

Convenient Drop Stations.

We have convenient drop stations within the US,Canada and The UK where you can drop your shipment  off and we will prepare it and ship it off to Jamaica.

Quick Quotes

We can provide you with quick quotes so you can make your decision faster and by extension get your cargo to its destination quicker.

Shipping A Barrel?

Now if you are shipping a barrel you would be interested in whether the company of choice offers pick up service, clearance upon arrival and whether they offer door to door. Well we do.


company in jamaica that ships barrels

Shipping Packages To Or From Jamaica?

If however it’s a package you may be interested in whether that shipping company in jamaica has a drop off point in the United States where your package could be droped off or if that company offers pickup. Well we do this too.

We have partnered with reliable partners in the United States, Canada and the UK to pick up, pack and ship your cargo to Jamaica.


Wonder Why We are the most recommended shipping company in Jamaica?

First and foremost: our attention to detail when we pack and prepare your items for shipping to Jamaica is meticulous. Equally, we are very careful when shipping from Jamaica! The level of attention we give to each one of our clients is just not duplicated anywhere else. We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time. And it’s a proven fact that help and keep you informed every step of the way both during the planning of your shipment, or when your shipment is actually on the way, It is said our customer service is second to none…

Shipping Cargo From Jamaica By Air

Our partnerships with major airline will ensure you get the best rates for your shipments out of jamaica. Its a little known fact that air is not always expensive and it happens to be the fastest way to move your cargo.

shipping to jamaica

Save with Our Ocean Freight.

Leverage our fortnightly LCL shipments to some of the major destinations US, Canada and UK.  No need to spend lots of money on your shipment as everyone shares the cost to ship the container .

Our International moving Service

Whether you’re moving to Jamaica or from Jamaica it’s imperative that you choose the right international moving company. There is so much at stake especially if you are shipping a full container with your lifes possessions. For instance price alone should not be the sole criteria for determining who to choose. We always advise our clients to look at the value offered.that is the combination of services received and the associated costs.

Our service begins with a detailed pre-move assessment

We know careful and exhaustive planning is critical to a successful and stress-free move. It is of utmost importance that you know what to expect in advance and plan accordingly (check our article ‘things to consider when moving abroad“). Our International Move Coordinators are knowledgeable and professional and they can offer assistance with:

  • Departure date planning,
  • Jamaican customs documentation requirements, or those of another destination country,
  • Explaining any unusual moving acronyms!
  • Packing and preparing your items or explaining packing requirements, and much more

And of course, provide you with a reliable shipping estimate that fits your pocket.

But we don’t stop there we also provide a handy moving guide that helps you organize yourself ahead of your move. And should you need temporary storage facilities, we can assist with that too.  




" I remember searching for a shipping company in Jamaica that matched my demanding expectations and I am pleased to say I am always impreseed with the level of care and attention I receive and the care taken of my items .I will always ship with you ,Thanks team!"

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