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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here are some of the more common and Frequently Asked Questionss that we get. If you can’t find an answer to a question, feel free to email them to us using our easy contact form.

Does Orandy ship to my destination?

Yes. We have shipping partners/agents on every continent and in every country. No matter where you are shipping to, we are able to get your items there.***

What services do you offer?

We offer wrapping and packing, transportation (including haulage), documentation and other preparation, booking, freight arrangements, clearance and delivery, offloading and setup, debris removal.

How much cargo can you ship for me?

We can ship as much as you have. We ship by container loads and also by consolidated freight

How soon will my shipment arrive at my destination?

This depends on your budget, preferred freight mode – ocean or air - , type of cargo, time of shipment, and carrier and other third party processes. Some cargo require additional processing at both the origin and destination ports. Ocean freight will take longer than air freight, and there can be a greater carrier frequency during certain seasons than others.

What conditions can affect my shipment?

Third party consolidator delays, customs and other agent processes, carrier routing or delays, acts of nature, improper or insufficient information from shipper or consignee, improper or insufficient filings by consolidator or other third party agents, failure to pay required fees, transshipment, changes in state or port procedures. These are only some of the many and varied conditions that can affect a shipment.

Who is responsible for my shipment?

The party that is in possession of your shipment is responsible, with any stated exemptions.

How is my shipment protected?

Your shipment is wrapped and packed to international shipping standards, using international grade material. Although every precaution will be taken to protect your items, it is advisable for you to use a marine insurance option as we are not responsible for any mishaps that occur once the items have been transported to any third party including consolidators, port agencies, shipping line or any other handlers.

How do I know if I can ship a particular item?

It is important to be specific regarding the nature of your shipment and the type of item as some items require local permits before the shipment can be processed. If migrating, it is best to visit the consulate/customs website for the country that you are migrating to in order see their limitations, exemptions and allowances.

***Conditions apply. There are some countries that might have embargoes or other import/export restrictions. There are no guarantees where this is concerned.

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