Shipping From Jamaica

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you happen to be shipping from Jamaica, then we begin to serve you the instant you make contact with one of  our friendly  international shipping consultants. Our shipping consultant  will now  plan every aspect of your move from site inspection  to clearance and delivery to  setting up your items at your new location and of course remove all debris

So whether you require  door to port or door to door,

  • we will get your items packed using only international standard packaging and supplies,
  • procure the best rates for your freight ,
  • prepare all required documentation .
  • we can also source living accomodations

Proper preparation for your move overseas is of critical importance,thats why you cannot just leave your pre planning to just anyone. Our team of international moving consultants will give you the expert assistance you will need to make it an enjoyable experience.

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The process starts with a pre assignment consultation where we discuss your requirements, schedule and budget and, provide expert tips and recommendations

Now based on your requirement we will go ahead and prepare a no obligation shipping estimate.

International moving requires even greater care in packing, padding and protection of your items so that where a new team of experts, our international packers come in.

Preparing Your Items For Shipment

We  know your furniture items and fragiles arriving in the best condition is important to you therefore with this in mind that we spent so much time and effort in packing and protecting your items with such extra care far exceeding what anyone else offers.

Your furniture are always wrapped using foam and corrugated paper (a form of cardboard) and these media has proven to be the best in providing optimal protection for these pieces.

items packed and padded to be shipped
Items Ready To Be Shipped

Additionally all fragile items such as paintings, chinaware are packed using foam and bubble wrap and are further crated thus virtually eliminating damages

fragile ites in crate ready to be shipped from jamaica
Large Painting In Crate





Shipping from jamaica involves the interaction of various bodies and entities for instance there is the shipping line, Customs, the ports (whether airport or sea port) Canine Division and even the Police Therefore depending on the nature of your shipment there will  be different   documentation and tasks required but not to worry we will take care of everything

So when you make that life changing decision to ship your items from jamaica to anywhere in the world ,you can rest assured that you have a company of experts working hard to ensure that your experience will be a happy one .

Why dont you request a no obligation quote now ……..yes right now!

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