Shipping from Jamaica to the UK

If you happening to be shipping from Jamaica to the UK, whether its an entire house or just a few pieces we have the right combination of expertise and great service to make your shipment a pleasant experience.

We have been shipping from Jamaica to the UK and vice versa  for years now and we have developed numerous partnerships with first class freight forwarders in the UK who will efficiently process your shipment once it reaches port in the UK.

Planning your shipment to the UK

If you happen to be relocating your home from Jamaica to the UK be sure to fill out the ToR1 form so you can access customs duties relief .This form is also applicable if you are importing a vehicle or your pet into the UK. For more information click here

If you need help with that be sure to make contact with one of our shipping representatives.

Next steps

The next set of steps in planning your shipment from Jamaica to UK involves our coming to your home to do an inspection of the quantity and type of items to be shipped or if it’s a few items or barrels, then you merely need to fill out a short questionnaire.

The information from which we will use to determine the shipping rates.

We have no doubt that we have the best combination of prices and services so it is very likely you will choose our service over the others.

So What is the Next Step in Shipping  from

Jamaica to the UK?

Although we can and do come and pack on site. There are instances when we prefer to take the items to our packing facility where the items will be packed, padded an prepared for shipment using only grade A packing materials.

Where necessary crates will be made for those extra fragile items (painting, chinaware etc.) barrels and boxes for regular items.

One thing is certain all items will be optimally packed to ensure no damage to your items even if there is a storm at sea.

You will love the fact that you do not have to deal with all the various activities involved  in preparing your shipping.

  • wrapping and packing each item
  • Weighing and measuring every piece
  • Preparing packing list
  • Preparing commercials invoices
  • Getting necessary permit etc where necessary
  • Dealing with Customs
  • Dealing with shipping lines etc

We do all that for you. All you have to do is tell us when you want to receive your items and your preferences whether door to door, door to port etc and we will get it done, We will even arrange to carry away your debris after the unpacking process.

So what are you waiting for? When you decide to ship your items to the UK there is no doubt who to choose.


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