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Shipping to Trinidad does not have to be a tedious hassle. You can avoid all of this by placing your shipment into the hands of a professional shipper that knows and understands how to wrap, pack, prepare, transport, clear and deliver your items efficiently and with care.
Orandy Moving & Storage Co., has shipped many satisfied clients to and from Trinidad. We have put together this informational summary to help prepare you for shipping your items to Trinidad

Some Considerations When Shipping to Trinidad

When shipping items to Trinidad and Tobago, there are some important considerations to be made.
• Trinidad and Tobago are two separate unconnected islands under the same republic.
• They are located off the north eastern coast of the South American continent.
• Most shipments out of Jamaica are routed through Miami, Florida.
• The average surface transit time to port is 5-8 days from departure, in good weather. The average air transit time to port is 3 days from departure.
There are two main container ports in Trinidad
The customs airports are
When importing items into Trinidad, there are several organizations/agencies that play significant roles in the process.
• SHIPPING AGENTS – Arranges the transportation of your items from the foreign country to Trinidad & Tobago. They will also inform of the arrival of the items into the country and they will supply a Bill of Lading and a Bill of Sight for the Customs & Excise Division. There is usually a fee for this service.

• THE PORT – The Bill of Lading is processed at the port by the attending Port clerks. The shipment will be processed by the Port Authority and all fees due to the Port for example, handling fee, rent, etc., will be assessed and paid.
The Port staff will then send the shipment to the Customs examination area where the Port officials will inform you that the shipment is ready to be examined by the Customs & Excise officers.
• THE CUSTOMS & EXCISE DIVISION – Here you will be required to produce:
o A picture Identification Card (usually passport or state issued identification)
o A Letter authorizing you to transact business on behalf of the owner with a copy of the picture Identification Card of the owner and your picture Identification Card
In the absence of original receipts, the Customs Officer will assess a value based on the value of identical or similar goods in accordance with the Sixth Schedule of the Customs Act, Chap. 78.01 and you will be informed of the duties and taxes that are due to the State, if any.
A licensed Customs Broker/Clerk will be required to prepare the Customs Entry.

WARNING: Heavy penalties are imposed for false declarations.
For additional information on requirements and concessions for residents and returning nationals, you may visit

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