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We provide safe secure storage for just about anything and for the month of April we will be giving a 25% discount on your first month’s rent.

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Household Storage

We can store your residential items in a clean safe environment . we charge by the square foot so your cost is dependent on the size of the unit you will need .

The rule of thumb to bear in mind is that :

1 br usually requires approximately 80sqft

2br usually requires approximately 100sq ft

3 br usually requires approximately 140 or 150 sq ft

The above is not cast in stone however as you can imagine as some situations may deviate from the norm.

Storage Unit Sizes

Our storage unit sizes range from 25 sq ft which is suitable for a small appliances plus boxes  to up to 300 sq ft which can hold quite a number of items.

Commercial Storage

We also have special packages for commercial entities who may need to store excess office supplies, documents or records etc in such cases we can and will provide shelving if required.


Our large storage facility is both safe and secure . We use state of the art electronic surveillance,armed response (service provided by our security partners ) ,close circuit cameras along with actual security officers posted on compound.

No Hassle With Heavy Pieces

We provide for your convenience hand trucks, four wheel dollies, pallet jacks etc to assist you in moving your heavy or bulky items into your unit . There are no associated fees for the usage of our tools they are provided for your convenience.

Shelving can also be provided if you think you will need them just make your request with the storage clerk or customer service.

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Packing Supplies

Optimal use of the space requires that all your small pieces be consolidated in boxes additionally you may want to wrap some items to minimize dust or to pad them to eliminate scratches . No need to worry we have all the boxes and supplies necessary to protect your belongings (see moving supplies).

Come in and see for yourself or speak to our customer service representative we are waiting to assist.

Due to a lightning strike all our lines are down. You may call us on 876 933 6683, 876 898 4502 or 876 293 1235