Welded Items

We firmly believe in taking the hassle out of your move. So much so that we provide all the postmove services you will ever need. We have now added welding and fabrication to our list of services . This is one less thing to worry about when you move.  But our service is not just confined to when you move ,we can help anytime with your welding needs, just get in touch.


Steel Gate Fabrication

Your home is a private, safe haven that you can call “yours”! You would definitely not appreciate unwanted people entering your space without permission or maybe their curious looks. This is why you need a gate that offers privacy, security and safety, along with adding more style. What is a better way to achieve this than with installing  your choice of metal gate for your new home in whatever style that suits you. You choose  your  great design and we will do the rest

Garbage Bin Enclosure

Keep your garbage safe from rummaging animals while maintaining the beauty of the front of your property.

Clothes Line

Save electricity costs running a dryer when there is free sunlight. We will fabricate your clothes line customised to your particular needs.

Grill Work

Secure your windows and doors with elegantly designed grill work customised to your exact need and taste

We are here if you want to share your special needs . Just give us a call 876 934 9133 or WhatsApp 876 898 4502


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